Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year peeps!

Oh wait. Hold on. Is it May Already?!? (Omigosh!)


Was so busy did not even notice time flies... real fast! Been an eventful start of the year so far.

Random holiday morning where I wake up super early (even earlier than when I'm supposed to go to work!) coz someone had to leave town to head down South for whole lot of fun (jealous mode on) and I thought might as well catch up with my HKD drama which I missed out for almost and entire month!

Going to have some salmon sashimi goodness later (oh nyums!). Lemme show you what I mean!

Oh nomnomnom...

Quick updates (wanna catch a few winks before salmon time!)

February was tulips for Valentine! Had a quiet day. Lepak-ed and had a simple teocheow porridge for dinner.

Yay! Tulips!

 March was mostly work. Don't wanna post here.

 April was pretty eventful. Started with a 3 year anniversary dinner at Marinis!

Yummers (but super mahal) dinner at Marinis!

Then... decided to "reward" myself with...

The portable instax printer!

We also did a baby shower for a friend (popped a cute baby girl already!)

Pink for girl!

And... a much long awaited beach holiday (Now I can wear the flip-flops Pandora charm!)... This was a beach in Kuantan when I was waaaaaaay younger...

A younger me...

And now, upgraded (a bit lah) to...

BORACAY! Best beach holiday ever!
Not that I have been to many beaches... But first time out of the country beach lah...

Hmmm... ok... blog updated. Now I'm gonna zzz for a bit before salmon time! Toodooloos!

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