Wednesday, 10 July 2013

From London to Paris and back to REALITY (Part 2)

The blogging bandwagon has temporarily abandoned me as reality of life and work hit hard the past couple of months. The dust has finally settled for now and I think I better just finish up the rest of my London and Paris trip... in Insta-mmary version.

Did some Monopoly stops. Yes. I actually dug out my Monopoly set at home and brought along the deed cards with me. Boo said I was crazy and actually shook his head in disbelief when he saw me took them out when we were in London. He also rolled his eyes when I asked him to take the few shots with my S3 but he helped anyway!

Euston Road. Actually pretty near our hotel.

The Angel Islington. Where Boo's 'hood use to be.

Regent Street. Where the posh and not shops till they drop.

Oxford Street. Where the shops to go to are.

Vine Street. Found this by chance. Was a bit hidden.

One of the days we scheduled for some London sights, was apparently a good sunny day, a combination of sun and cool breeze. Did not do much Instagram shots (saving S3 battery power) so here's the few from London Eye.

London Eye on a bright sunny day. Shot from the river cruise.

Boo and I on top of the London Eye!

Pardner in shopping crime.
But I not as shopaholic. Haha!

Slushies on the grass! Boo couldn't resist.

Later on the same evening, we made our way to The Shard. A new building in London - almost equivalent to KL's Twin Towers.

The Shard. Looking up from the 72nd floor.

The Shard. View of London from the 72nd floor.
Some other stuff we did as well as random walkabouts in between, discovering interesting stuff and shots.

Watched "The Chorus Line". Last minute decision.
Highly recommended!

Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross. Just had to do the tourist thing.

Mini #UJ and I walking the streets and markets of London.

Pretty tulips in the park.


Love this composition. Some random place in Liverpool.

Must admit. This was the best hot chocolate so far.

Apparently, Boo said that this stuffed woogie was sleeping
in the same position when it was still alive. Creepy!

Hot mocha before Iron Man 3.

I like! Tulips in flower boxes doubling up as your wheel's parking.

Cannot resist! Chinese roast meat in London.

Pretty flowers. Almost felt like I was in Japan.

Random. Someone's garden.

Yummers brunch at Angel. The Breakfast Club.

Shopping was one of the agenda as well. No specific objective on what to buy. Just got stuff that cannot get back at home.

Bought wands! Mine's Hermione. Boo's Snape.

Bought this random choo-choo train
brooch in the markets of Angel. Pwetty.

Bought milk bottles in tray. Coz it was cheaper
and prettier than what I can get back home for.

Primark shopping. Best place to get souveniers.

Blaming Mama-D for a new obsession!

See what I mean?!? So pwetty!

Result? A new polka-dot bag!

Sainsbury student meal ticket.
How I wish Malaysia has this too.

I love it here! Check out the shelves in Sainsbury!

Cakes! Keeping you calm.

Cakes! Web-slinging ones.

Cakes! Specially thinking of Mama-D!

Cakes! Pretty the cake it was.

Cakes! Vrooommm! Vrooommm!

Saw this in one of the weekend markets. Cool right?

So tempted to get this for someone,
but the price tag was a wee bit too steep.
Hmmm... that's almost all. Oh! Met up with an old friend while in London!

Saw hello to Rustam! It's been good seeing you again!

And one more last one from UJ and his new friend Pillo-Woogs...

New BFFs!

I think I will blog about Paris in part 3. This is already too picture-heavy. And I did not put a day-to-day summary!

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