From London to Paris and back to REALITY (Part 1)

May 20, 2013

I've recently returned from my trip to both London and Paris. This is my very first time there and I was so excited, that I had to force myself to sleep for a couple of hours during the flight so that I am awake enough upon reaching London.

(I guess all the late nights and owl-ly hours I observe in Malaysia did pay off a bit as I was not super jet-lagged as I thought I would be.)

Anyway, the experience started out even before I was going to the airport. Unable to contain my excitement, I was at the Pandora store in Tropicana City Mall earlier in the evening (my flight was a midnight flight) and got myself 2 dandy looking charms to commemorate the trip!

The Eiffel Tower and London Bus charms!

Then, "tragedy" happened when he-who-shall-not-be-named got his credit card - the very same credit card that was gonna be used during our holiday in the UK - swallowed by one of the ATM in the mall, when trying to set pin / withdraw money / whatever. That spoilt the entire evening as he-who-shall-not-be-named spent the rest of the evening calling the bank to get it sorted out. Luckily for him, the banks has this special service where they can replace to a temporary card as soon as possible, and in this case, a temporary card to be sent to our hotel in London when we arrive. Phew!

So, then. A couple of girlfriends was kind enough to send us off, luggages and all to the airport. Thanks girls! Boo rewarded them with Coffee and Mocha for their efforts. :)

Thanks to the Ho-Lee charter service for the airport ride!

So, as usual, UJ, my faithful travelling companion wasn't left behind - he even got to ride with me in the cabin :)

UJ and his beeeeeeg smile!

See UJ enjoying himself with my neck pillow and a beer on flight!

"This is the life" says UJ.

So then, we reached Heathrow - and took the Underground from the airport right till King's Cross Station - where our hotel is nearby.

Baggage claim. Belt number "0".

Go down to catch the Underground.

Tune Hotel Kings Cross

Paid a little extra for an early check in but as we were a wee bit too early even for an early check in, left our luggage in the hotel in search for our first London meal. And where did we end up?

McDonalds! OMG! I've been telling people no matter where I go somehow McDonalds seems to always be the first place I have my meals.

Boo ordered pory-licious bacon roll.

I had the BIG breakfast!

After breakfast, checked into our room, freshened up a bit (lazed around a bit) - we were off exploring. 

To be continued...

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