Saturday, 2 March 2013

February 2013 Update...

Just a quick update on life. It's getting harder and harder for me to write about anything so I'll resort to having small pictorial updates for now, till I find my mojo back...

Happy CNY Day#1
Photo courtesy of Karen Findlater
This year, did not do the annual thing and "balik kampung" for Chinese New Year. So this is the first time (ever in my life) that I'm in KL celebrating with friends instead... Different feeling altogether...

Money! Money! Money!
The only moolah session I had this year. Did not make at all! Hmph!

Happy Hokkien New Year Godmama!
Photo courtesy of Karen Findlater
Though was not feeling well, went for a quick makan-makan at Jess Lee's place. Nyums...

Randomness. A brand with my name on it!

Randomness. Bobbi Ho being peaceful...

Tic Tacs in a Tic Tac.
My Valentine Day's project for friends.

A Majestic Valentine's Day dinner by #BBoo.
Delayed to the weekend coz I was sick :)

One night when Bobbi Ho was hyperactive.
#BBoo says he's on steroids - Haha!

Shaun the Sheep recently took residence in my Sportage!
Thanks #BBoo for the addition!

Pretty sad right. Need to take more photos to compensate the lack of writings.

Inspiration! Please come!

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