A Bunny-licious Birthday Party!

March 18, 2013

Preparing for someone's birthday was not an easy task. Especially if:
  1. You have less than a week to plan (coz suddenly decided to go ahead with it after some looong thinking).
  2. You are a bit on the OTT type to work on themes, concept, favours, decor, etc.
  3. Trying to pick out selected and close friends of the birthday person so that no.2 does not become such a heavy task.
  4. Trying to keep it a surprise (especially for some).

So - I can say with all that, a "surprise" party was sprung upon the birthday boy, quite successfully, with the help of some friends (and sister+1).

11 March 2013 : Preparation of the party favours.

Sneak preview of the bunny tail.

Many bunny tails.

The bunny-marshmallows, complete with tail.

14 March 2013: Cupcake Mission!

Well, while that was being done, decided to spring a pre-surprise to birthday boy at his office. His birthday falls on a Saturday, and he was out for a a day trip on Friday, so the surprise was done on a Thursday. After much hassle and begging to a friend to be my delivery gal, mission accomplished!

Thanks to Mama-D for being my super last minute delivery gal!
Photo courtesy of Mama-D.

Birthday Cupcakes! Mission accomplished!
Photo courtesy of Mama-D.

16 March 2013 : The Birthday Day!

Off to a quick lunch. Then a quick massage. Then quickly home to prep for the "surprise" - me, I mean...

Birthday Boy (Man)!

Then later in the evening, at Marche, The Curve for some bunny-licious goodness...

Photo courtesy of Mindy.

Photo courtesy of Mindy.

Photo courtesy of Jess Lee.

More polaroid-frenzzzyyy...
Photo courtesy of Mindy.

Photo courtesy of Jess Lee.

Birthday cake!
Photo courtesy of Mindy.

Bunny-licious Butt Cake! Slightly dis-butt-figured :(
Photo courtesy of Jess Lee.

Bunny-licious Butt Cake! Top View.
Photo courtesy of Mindy.

Thanks to friends who made it!
Shot by Mel Ho (who of course is not in picture).

Special thanks to:
  1. Donna who became my last minute delivery gal to birthday boy's office. :)
  2. Mel and Terence who became our un-official polaroid and digital photographer. Unpaid but then, dinner was on me! Hehehe... Oh, and they also became my balloon collectors and decor setup assistants...
  3. Joe for becoming the decoy. Was a bit anxious when my decoy man was not answering his phone when it was time...
  4. Birthday Boy's friends for coming to celebrate together-gather!
So Birthday Bunny Boy - did you have a blast?!?

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