Melaka Getaway

February 01, 2013

Took a day off on Friday last week, and I had an accumulative of 5 days off including the weekend and public holidays. So, thought of a quick road trip to Melaka with Mel, Jeff and Jess.

Managed to book a night's stay at my favourite economical lodging option in Melaka, Fenix Inn (which is like a stone's throw away from Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade, and it's actually walkable to the A'Famosa and St. Paul's Hill, as well as the famous Jonker's Walk. But we, being old and lazy, decided to drive for Satay Celup and also Jonker's walk later after that.

I did not take much photos of the trip, so some of them are taken from Jessica's photo album :)

#UJ all packed and ready to go!

1st road trip with my new wheels!
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

The road trip gang!
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

Arrived at our night's stay.
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

Jess was not very happy about the "Heritage Charge".
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

#UJ booked his spot first! Oi!

Dinner! Satay Celup. Nyums!

Chicken Rice (Balls) for lunch the next day.
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

Mel discovered a quaint coffee place at Jalan Tokong.

Us having coffee before we hit the road home.
Photo courtesy of Jessica.

Should do more of this Cuti-cuti Malaysia lah. Where to next eh?

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