Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.

January 04, 2013

I know I have not been blogging for some time already. Actually, have not been Facebook-ing or Twitter-ing for some time too. Must be the age.

As usual, I always like to sum up what went on with my life through the photos I Instagram-ed (easier coz it's all super-filtered and super-effects already... and also squared up already).

Anyway... First thing's first... BB won a Samsung S3 and guess who got it (pointing finger to myself excitedly)! So hence, the pretty Instagram photos...

So, back to the topic... here's snapshots of what was left of 2012.

I've started a new job (smack right in the middle of KL) so these are the sights of what goes on Mondays till Fridays.

Heavy rain in town.
Friday bazaar - for food and shopping.
Street light as this is the time I usually reach home.
My usual order when I am at Lot 10 Hutong for lunch.
Tau-foo-fah stall in the afternoons behind the building.
An afternoon  bus ride for Indian rice lunch.
Season parking. Burned a hole in my shallow pocket.
A usual evening sight. The traffic jam.
UJ having fun during one of my off site days.
Adding some decor to my desk.
A memorable day. Half day on the road coz of traffic jam + flat tyre.

Apparently, this is the Bank's very first Christmas tree!
Had lunch in Petaling Street one quiet afternoon.
Sometimes, just waiting for the time to go home.
Rain, fog, wind. And of course honks from the jam below.
Sometimes, just SA KAI.

Next will be my Woogies' antics. Look at their puppy dogs eyes.

Friski Ho looking ke-lian.
Bobbi Ho helping to clean the floor. Save on mopping.
Friski Ho is inching nearer and nearer and nearer.
Both trying to inch their way inside, bit by bit.
Look at that face.
Bobbi Ho booked a new spot.

Food... and glorious food. Some drinks too.

As usual. My Lot 10 Hutong meal.
Edamame snacking at No Black Tie.
Chamomile Tea from Coffee Bean. A change.
Sinfool thick toast with peanut butter & condensed milk.
Christmas brunch @ Albion
Starters: Prawn cocktail
Soup: Crab meat something
Mains: Christmas turkey roast
Dessert: Yummy blueberry sorbet=
Yummy toast we had at Siam Paragon, BKK.
Dinner the first night in BKK.

Starbuck's Season of Happiness (and of course... Toffeenut!)

Tis' the season to be giving.
Barista at work!
Redemeed within a week! Ahahaha. Now belongs to sis.

Handmade goodies.

Colourful pom2s handmade for the Mad Hatter (surprise) party.
Tea favors.
Though of adding in the hat for some madness.
Paper banners.
Food banners. Eat me! Burp!
Mad Hatter Hats!
Pom2s all packed for the party.
Christmas party favors.
Handmade 12.12.12 dinner party menus.
Name cards and menu.


Merry Christmas to myself! Wheee!
Big Bad Wolf sale stash. And Snoopy sits at the top.
Snoopy chocolate-filled s'mores. Bought from Watsons HK.

Wedding of the (2012) year!

The "Royal" invitation.
Entrance sand art video.
Souvenir book for guests.
Christmas gifts.

Goodies for colleagues.
Travel & Christmas goodies from BB's mum.
Happy! My 1st Radley from Steph & Reny!
Lots of X'Mas stash from Ms. Lee!
Patapon and Sylvanian Families. Sis knows me well :)
Pretty goodies from Tisha!

Last but not least. A Red Crystal PANDORA Charm by BB.

Other happenings...

Here... kitty... kitty...
Cookie Monster eating up my panda!
Aussie goodies from Yani! Everyone getting to know me better :)
Birthday prayers for Mummy  & Papa Ho (also Kong2 Ho).
Old bathtub in one of the Majestic rooms.
Majestic Hotel grounds. Apparently historical.

And that's about it. This time, me and BB with a group of close friends spent our New Year's at Bangkok! Lotsa shopping, walking, and of course - MASSAGE!

HAPPY 2013!
Temple visit. Wat Arun.
The Grand Palace was closed. Only the temple was opened.
Colourful Instax! Found at a shop in Terminal 21.
Dinner & cruise down the Chao Phraya River.
Pretty lanterns at Balee Thai.
Only in BKK where the Monk is given a "Priority Seat"

Well, that's about it! Here's wishing everyone I know (and who actually reads this lame excuse of a blog - blueh) a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a wonderfool 2013!

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