Bye WSE. Hello WXU!

January 15, 2013

This month I bid farewell to my wheels of 4 years.

Tata to WSE

And welcomed my new wheels for years (many, I hope) to come...

Welkam WXU

So, Tan Sri Gary Lee has kindly offered to pick me up to go pick up my new ride.

Pretty headlights!
I have my own personal PDI inspector! (see below)
Who else but Tan Sri Gary Lee!
1st person to 'test drive' my wheels too!
The SA tried hard. Gave me a leather keychain.
But I had my own plans for the keys :)
Sigh... imperfections... chipped paint.
Need to take time off to get this done.
What a nuisance.
Driving in the rain... ting ting ting (coz of sunroof glass)

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