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April's Fool!

Happy New Year y'all!

Whoops! It as been 5 months since the New Year! Hehehe... To my defense work has been super  hectic the first quarter of the year... It's now that I have a little breather before the next onslaught of work proceeds to invade my life... again.

So as usual, I'll fill up my post with some photos for visualization of what ever happened in my life, professionally and personally since January till now.

January 2012

A brilliant start of a new collection...

Snoopy-licious start to the new year!

People who knows me will so get this!

Another charm for luck! Gambling luck!

The Malaysian peace bear - Wonder why one of the main colour is Yellow?

February 2012

It was a WICKED weekend in Singapore. Great show with BB and good pals.

The Casino. Less gambling activity here for me coz of the exchange rate.

One of the few ding-dong days that made me wear mismatched shoes to a meeting.

Here's Bobbi pretending to be a Firefox icon.

My very ever super-dest first Valentine's Day present! Thanks BB!

March 2012

Starbucks to go? Get it at Taipan's branch!

Friski Ho manjaaaa...

The day before THE day...


All in the name of Motorsports - Rally & F1 becomes one, at the Power of 1!

Dream home. More of dream ID - sigh...

Party poppers in the making...

Caramel has been caramelized!

Saying goodbye to Grandma... May she rest in peace...

April 2012

A surprise beanie-movie party for BB!

The beginning of my Nutella addiction.

Balloons for Yani's (almost) surprise party!

Happy Hello Kitty Birthday Mama D!

Adding a camera charm into my pwetty collection!

A quick trip to Genting to let off some steam.

Preparations underway for the launch!

UJ bidding good night!
More to be continued. I have not downloaded the rest of the photos from my phone to continue this story... Hehehe...


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