Wednesday, 28 December 2011

So, what's new?

By now, my 365 Project is gone gone and away - no indication of resuscitating... However, to conclude some of cool stuff from where I left off till almost the New Year, here's some photos to sum it up...

We were wondering how fast she became black just after her bath...
My first TNF this season... Nyums... Got it at Starbucks Auto City, Juru on the way back from Penang.
Specially helium-ed pink and birthday balloons for Yana...
Muahs* Snoopy found love with #UJ

The annual Christmass Dinner with the gang. New faces each year...
#UJ meets #DOUJ
Presents are always welcomed...

Was looking through my parent's old stuff when I found this photo of me in my mum's old Restricted Passport!
Had to renew for my #NYE trip!
Meeting the monsters!
My woogies wanted to make an appearance... so here they are...


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