Looking back @ 2010

December 31, 2010

Yes. It has been a while since blogged. Blame it on work. The minute I reach home nowadays, I just refuse to on my lappie to go online. My poor baby mini is so under-utilised...

So, here are some of what 2010 was for me...

January 2010

Jamie did a surprise birthday party for Ms Pee. iPhone cupcakes was my idea. Taunting Ms Pee coz she wanted an iPhone so badly... :)

March 2010

My very first time to Birmingham, UK. I like the place so much!

Look at the buildings! The architecture!

Lucky I was there! Coz Chong Wei won his very first All-England medal on this 100th All-England tournament! Woohoo!

Also, went to Basel and Zurich and Swiss, for the Swiss Open.

Managed to see a bit of Zurich city.

And also Basel city.

Reason was because of Baselworld, all hotels in Basel (where the tournament was) are fully booked up. Therefore we ended up staying in a hotel in Zurich, where we need to take an hour's drive in the provided shuttle to the tournament venue everyday. Pretty tiring but oh well, managed to kill two cities in one go!

Oh, and I also bought my first Tissot there.

May 2010

A photo of myself with the historical Thomas and Uber Cups! Malaysia hosted the finals this year.

Also managed a "Girls Day Out" while Mama Donna was on maternity. A bunch of new gal pals and their kids. It's nice knowing new (and long-lasting) new pals. So, Yana, Yani, Anna - here's an imaginary toast to a beautiful friendship!

Friends who knows me also knows my favourite Toffeenut flavour from Starbucks each Christmas season. I've also found a new favourite to be enjoyed any other time! The Ms. Coco Frappe from Theobrama Chocolate Lounge. Yummers!

August 2010

Someone celebrated her 30th birthday in full Elmo-ness style!

September 2010

My surprised birthday dinner! Really, I did not suspect a thing! Blame it on work preoccupying most of my mind. Cheers to my best-est pals here! I so love the presents too! Woohoo! Thanks guys!

BKK trip with Azim, Reny, Yana and Faiz! Must make this an annual trip la full of shopping and massage!

October 2010

Wedding of the year!
Leticia and Tjun Hong finally had their dream wedding and us close family and friends flew to Bali to celebrate!

We also did some sightseeing and shopping (of course!)

November 2010

Could not have enough of BKK so flew up again with Mel and Donna for a weekend of intense shopping and more shopping! Came home broke.

December 2010

Melissa finally graduated! Officially! Now I can sit back and handover the house bills to her when she gets her salary! Muahaha!

So, that more or less summed up my 2010. There's actually more but I cannot recall much for now.

So friends and family, here's wishing you a greater, happier and better 2011 to all of you!


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