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July 21, 2010

I'm off again later, this time up north to the land of the paddy fields. The last time I was there, mum tagged along. I used to try to dissuade her from tagging along, thinking that she would be bored as I will be there for work (in true fact, I was looking forward to a little breather from home).

Now, remembering those times, I'm glad she came and we both enjoyed the northern Malay food while we were there. We were there for a national badminton tournament, and mum watched all the games live, VIP style.

I'm glad she came along with me to as many games I went.

I'm glad I was able to let her enjoy the trips, the food, the shopping and others while we were about.

I regret not paying for an extra ticket for her when I had a trip to Jakarta before, telling her I would be busy working. I was in fact very busy, plus I was not earning much to splurge on air tickets at that time.

I'm sad that she will no longer be tagging along. How funny that I want her to tag along now when I didn't before.

I promised to treat her to a Bangkok trip, knowing how much she would love the colours, sights and sounds. We did not make that trip.

I was busy working and not paying enough attention.

Then she was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer.

I told her when she got better, I'll take her to Langkawi for a short trip. I remembered her once telling me she don't get to go to places much.

She did not make it to Langkawi.

Nor Bangkok.

How I wish she still could.

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