I Want! I Want!

July 20, 2010

It's been a weird day. And I want these! Should I just go ahead and buy them online? Products are from Kikki-K.

Wanna make a scrapbook for mum. Then do the dad version. Or if they have the mum and dad version, even better... or hmmm... just don't buy and DIY everything myself (which also means will-never-start-the-project).

This is also interesting. If only we had nice stuffs like these during my student days before Facebook and Twitter and Friendster came along. How many of you had autograph books (a more accurate term would probably be "memory books") where your friends write silly rhymes, personal biodata, paste photos in it? Wonder if kids still do that today?

I still have my "autograph book" lying among my rubble at home somewhere. Hope the silverfishes has not devoured the whole thing yet?

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