Loving my latest baby...

September 05, 2009

Just acquired my latest baby this evening. I'm lovin' it!

Meet my NEW instax mini 7S white!!! YAY!

Baby still in the box.

Baby out of the box!

Baby with the film.

Baby on her own.

Baby - beauty shot.

Another beauty shot of baby. This is the model. Hehe...

Mood settings.

Mood setting guide.

Baby... please focus.

My first few shots, in order from left to right. Haha! 1st 1 shots so tak jadi coz I was taking myself in front of the mirror and the flash went off! By the 3rd one, I knew better... Hehe...

So now I have 7 more films to go coz, 1 box got 10 films, and I don't have spare till the next 2 week. Cannot wait to get snapping away!!!

Next entry I may post up my babies... Hehehe...

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