Bididi Bop Bop

August 16, 2009

Lots of thing's been happening the past couple of weeks. But then again - nothing much also la.

First - Congrats to Shai and Dr Bad on their newborn son - Radley! He was born late July 2009!

Also visited Althea and her baby girl Rowanne.

Then, early this month, was down in Malacca with some old friends to attend an old friend's wedding.

Pulled an all-nighter here coz going to the clinic during the day did not have a satisfactory outcome. Caught my fever and cough bug here too I guess. Still currently suffering the aftermath of it. Koff! Koff!

This weekend, spent Saturday watching the game with mum at home. Too bad. No Malaysians in the Finals tomorrow.

And before I pen off. Some random photos of Baby Friski Ho. She's really getting bigger, friskier and much much more mischievous!


Oh! And will be on the road for the next 2 weeks! Bring it on!

And Melbourne next month! YAY!

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