July 14, 2009

Decided that I need to distract myself from all the resentment I am feeling at work. So, was talking to mum about the house. I've decided to move out from the master bedroom into my bubblegum room a.k.a the current guest bedroom.

A bit of history.

The current guest bedroom was originally intended as my bedroom, thus the room was thought of, bed and drapes bought, bubblegum pink painted on one side of the wall.

Nearing towards the day we were about to move (about 3 years ago)... I was arguing with my sis about whose room will be the default bedroom should guests come over to spend nights. I told her since I have sacrificed my room for this purpose at the old place, I reasoned out that this time, it should be her turn. Plus she's the youngest, plus she's at the moment not footing any house bills so - no say lor. Obviously, she retaliated lor. After some heated argument, my mum cannot tahan so she said that SHE will move into the downstairs utility room, master bedroom to become guest room.

Where can master bedroom turn to guest bedroom. Got attached bathroom sommore!!!

Hence, t'was decided at that time that I will share the room with mum. And as usual, the sis got her way... and her room.

Let me tell you, not easy to share a room with a very critical-to-everything-you-do-and-own mother.
- She says I'm very untidy. Well, my level and tolerence to how my stuffs are kept is way different from her. By the way, have you seen my sister's room? Must. Take. Photo. One. Day.
- She says I'm occupying most of the room (I use the room more than she does anyway)
- and bla bla sommore

After 3 years, I think I shall start thinking again to have my own personal space. A cousin of mine was telling me, "How often do guests come around anyway?" and well - that's true.

So was hinting to mum about my 'move'. It was either she or me to remain in the master bedroom. Well, of course I will leave the master to mum, unless she wants me to have it (tee-hee-hee).

So, I told her the current queen-sized bed has to go lah! I wanna put my nice Meldal day bed into my room.

Then I will need to get rid of the old cupboard currently used to store bed linens, and get a full length mirror-ed sliding door. 3 door cupboard if possible. Something like this?

Will also need a dressing/accessories/make-up table. I have a chest of drawers dresser (lid opens to a mirror) which I paid a bomb last time so will re-use that.

Then, need a small work space. May need a new set of table for this as I am planning to leave my Vika Amon table to mum for her desktop sewing machine. I am so kind.

Planning to get this corner unit, if there's no other better (and cheaper) option.


Or a combination of these 2 units.

RM220 + RM499 = RM719 (nice but a bit too pricey)

Then, must also have shelves. Maybe like this.

or something like this?

How about this storage solution?

Or this?

Many of my friends knows that I keep lot's of treasures (some called it rubbish - esp my mum) so I need all the storage space that I can get. May need to pay these in installment.

Well, may just wait for the HP loan for Atos to mature before I can think of starting another installment plan. Unless, I suddenly get a big bonus and a super-duper salary raise as the cherry topping on the yummy chocolate sundae.


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