Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Many things bugging me lately.


1. feeling demotivated.
2. feeling under-appreciated.
3. feeling underpaid.
4. on a heavy household commitment (thus not simple enough for me to "pack-up-and-go")
5. needing more $$$ for both family and myself (being the almost-sole breadwinner is taking it's toll).
6. needing more time-offs and holidays.
7. always feeling peeeeeeeeeeved at lil' things, and getting very very short-tempered.

and many-many more...



Gold Arawana said...

Cool Sis...

Life is always like that...

jleesc said...

i think it's that time of year...every year to feel 1 - 3. I know the feeling of 4 - 6 too!! :) 7 still under control i guess...hehehehe... or else, make some changes! take a leap of faith and work towards something that brings passion, gives u work satisfaction and pays well for your efforts. that's something we are all constantly striving for right...but while that is in progress, just keep yourself sane and happy! go for some movie or starbucks therapy :) u'll be ok.

michelleho said...

To do movie or starbucks therapy - will need more of 5! Right now I'm almost flat broke! Haha!

Jeffrey Choong said...

Chill chill..

I am flat broke too. =P

Anyway take it easy. When things seems to be down, the only way is to go up. Cheer Up ya!

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