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June 20, 2009

Been using my faithful ol' baby dopody for the past 2 years. It's still serving me well (even though the original stylus snapped 2 pieces in like a week, and the rm20 one I bought with a 'built-in' pen lasted me from the 1st week till now). Don't think I will be selling off baby dopody, as I still very much love using it. Will probably still use it as a GPS receiver. Haha!

I started using a mobile phone in my uni days when I first moved to the Cyberjaya campus. Was there earlier by a week to prepare for the freshie's orientation, so safe to say we were the only living souls in Cyberjaya (not counting the Bangladesh and Indonesian labourers) at that time. Public phones around the campus were still not connected then which forced my dear father (God bless his soul) to get me the cheapest mobile brick he can find. It was a Motorola something. But believe me, it's a brick! Comes with 2 batteries, one slim (which is almost as big as baby dopody now) and another powerbrick (which is like almost double of baby). Tried Google-ing for a picture but looks like it's an ancient thing right now (which it is!) and am lazy to scour through the pages. Passed on to my sister when I was done with it! Haha!

My mum's boss had a bunch of Phillips mobile phones which he got cheap and generously gave me one. Was loving this phone so much. Has a jog dial and everything, plus the battery can last me for a week without charging! I can go away for a few days without bothering to bring a charger along.

Then one day my Philips got pick-pocketed out of my bag at the Central Market LRT station (damn the pickpocketer) and so I was left with no phone. Had to revert to my old Motorola brick set for a while before getting myself a new phone. Was using it for some time, while looking around for a cheap and fashionable phone to replace it.

My uncle just got the 1st Sony Ericsson mobile phone which was small and cute, and the 1st one from the brand which has a built in antenna. Saw me using the powerbrick and decided to give me his phone (thanks uncle!) - claims that the screen and buttons were too small for him. I said thank you (and sighed in relief that I did not need to fork out money I did not have for a new phone then).

After using it for a while, the phone started to get buggy and hangs a lot of times, which prompted me to trade it in to my first small Nokia phone which is as big as the powerbrick (haha!). Forgot the model, but I remember it being the 1st executive phone in the Nokia range, where they had the mobile wallet to keep all your account passwords etc. Was using it for a year when I got bored of it haha so decided to look some more.

Flip phones then came into fashion and I traded in the Nokia for a Samsung flip phone. When I decided to change that (you realise now the story's getting shorter indicating my laziness to go into long details plus I kinda forgot the whole story already) the phone somehow 'knew' and decided to go under my car tyres, coming out working fine but with a cracked screen. Changing the screen will cost me easily for a new phone so decided to keep it in archive (still have it with me now) and my mum sponsored me with a new Samsung slider phone! The first phone that costs over RM1k! Thank you mum.

Peer pressure. Enough said. It was the time when I go to meetings and when the next meeting is scheduled everyone in the room will flip out their pda phones and start typing in. I tippity-tap on my old faithful Samsung slider phone for the calendar to include the meeting in. Peer pressure.

Then... was walking in One Utama one day when I just randomly said to mum, this year I think I want a dopod for my birthday present. Or any kind of pda phone at that time. Was prepared to save up and pay for it too. But mum says that if I want it too badly she'll get it for me for my birthday! Yay! But was feeling very guilty coz the phone really really was expensive so I told her this sums up to 2 years worth of birthday present. No need to get anything for me next year. So happy I love my mum! Muaks!

Well, anyways, the 2 years is way over and I am planning to get a new phone soon. Paying it myself (unless I get a kind soul to sponsor me) and was since yesterday doing research and net-hopping on the latest phones in the market. Didn't want to end up in a dopod-htc issue (which I am still upset... grrr...)

Started off my list earlier this year with...
1. iPhone - Overrated. Not planning to go near it. It's pretty but not worth my RM methinks.
2. SE Xperia - Drool. Nice. But with almost a RM3000 price tag, sigh... one can only dream.
3. HTC Touch HD - Similar to Xperia, both the features and price tag.
4. Samsung Omnia - Love it but don't think so.

Yesterday, was looking at...
1. Blackberry Storm
2. Nokia N97
3. LG KM900 Arena

Budget and looks wise, I'm all for the LG!

Check out the product video.

At the launch, it was mentioned to be retailed at RM1,899 so I hope the price will be more OK when get in a month or two's time.

Right now, waiting for sponsors to come pouring in or a durian runtuh!

Alternatively, I request for ang paus for my birthday this year. It will definitely help into the payment of the phone... Haha!

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