The Test of Personality

May 12, 2009

My personality is...
The Steadfast Ally

What it means huh?

I am...
Easy-going. A good listener. Patient. Reliable. Loyal. Sensitive to Criticisms. A team player. Steady. Predictable. Understanding. Friendly. Calm. Patient. Stable. Consistent.

My strengths...
You are a peace maker. You are patient and empathetic and good at reconciling conflicts. You are good at making others feel like they belong. And you often come across as sincere. You are full of common sense. You are dependable and you provide stability to any relationship you are in. You are realistic and practical. You do not like conflicts and you are usually compliant towards authority. You are even-tempered and loyal.

Dating Advice for The Steadfast Ally

  1. Be more open to change. The Steadfast Ally usually resists change and takes a long time to adjust. If your date suggests an activity out of your comfort zone e.g. wakeboarding, take up the challenge, and broaden your horizons!
  2. Be more direct in your interactions. You have the tendency to be openly agreeable even when you inwardly disagree. When you are in a relationship, be more direct and share your concerns and doubts so that your partner knows how you truly feel.
  3. Show more initiative. One of your strengths is stable, practical and predictable. Hence sometimes, you might come across as 'boring'. Surprise your date by showing more initiative e.g. arranging a picnic by the beach, or a weekend getaway at a nearby island resort.
  4. Be less sensitive. As you are an empathetic and sensitive soul, you tend to also be very sensitive to criticism. And sometimes, you might even hold grudges. Try to keep an open mind when you think your partner is criticizing you. Sometimes, he or she might not even be aware of what he/she has just said!

If you are dating The Steadfast Ally
  1. The Steadfast Ally's greatest fear is loss of security. Sudden changes in lifestyle would trigger their sense of loss of security. So, if you would like to introduce some changes to your dating routine, do it gently as not to 'startle' The Steadfast Ally.
  2. Flattery and buttery is not going to work for The Steadfast Ally. Express a genuine interest in them. Only praise them when you truly mean it. Express appreciation when they have taken the initiative to do something special for you, especially when they have stepped out of their comfort zone to do it.
  3. The Steadfast Ally dislikes conflicts and arguments. They enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Try to be less pushy and confrontational, and draw them into a calm and peaceful discussion. Else, they might stonewall you.
  4. If you are dating Ms. Steadfast Ally, be sure to have a plan for the evening. She is usually easy-going and would like her guy to take the lead. If you are dating Mr. Steadfast Ally, be clear of your expectations, as he works best with clearly defined goals.

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