The day when Tiny came to stay...

May 03, 2009

Mum, Mel & I organised a mini dinner and had some friends over. Ms Lee and family, as well as Mel's classmate and her sister.

What was on the menu?
1. Ikan Cili Sumbat
2. Fried French Beans with Mushrooms
3. Sambal Udang
4. Sauteed Eggplant
5. ABC Soup
6. Coconut & Gula Melaka Jelly

Sorry, was busy helping mum in the kitchen and cleaning the house at the same time to bother taking photos. But I'm sure Ms Lee will upload it in Facebook soon! Haha!

Anyway, Ms. Lee came by with our newest member of the family!

Welcoming TINY into the family!

Well, she was named "Tiny" with the previous owner coz she was the smallest runt in the litter. Very very very small!

I thought how cute it will be to then rename her to Baby-T! You see kan? Baby-Tiny = Baby-T?

See above the leg size in comparison with my mum's (not middle) finger? And she has a stump of a tail, which in the photo makes her look like she has a bunny tail.

Oh well, my sister Mel is not very keen on the name Baby-T, so now it's back Tiny. After Google-ing, thought about using Miki instead... where Miki means...

Miki : small (Origin : Inupiaq)

Then thought maybe mum will confuse and start calling her Nikki (my previous woogie - sigh...) so for now, we're kinda sticking to Tiny till we agree on a better name...

Any suggestions?

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