Monday, 16 March 2009

Should I?

My hand very the itchy. Should I go for it?

My hand very itchy wanna buy new phone. Must be greater than my current baby dopody. But dunwan the too expensive wan liao. When the price drop very 'sam tong' wan ler...

I live the Sony Ericsson Experia, HTC Touch Pro/HD - but sigh... too expensive ler...

Any other suggestions?

The Sony Ericsson T303 can be my back up phone? Haha! Darn cute!


Jeffrey Choong said...

Don't get the maxis plan! You will regret de.

roll said...

"I wouldn't touch an iPhone with a ten feet pole."

exaggerated a little there, but your dopod can do much more. btw, iphone 3.0 looks promising.

me waiting for palm pre..

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