Tuesday, 3 March 2009


People who knows me also knows my penchant for cute stuffs, toys, beanies and crafts, just to name a few.

I have been, and still is, an avid reader at Cuteable. It's on my RSS so I go read whatever's new. There's where I came across Etsy. Etsy is a site/portal where people sign up to sell their wares in their 'shop'. The difference between Etsy and Ebay is that Etsy is where people buy and sell craft and handiworks. I used to just hop in and glance at the cute stuff on Etsy via Cuteable.

Just recently, I have been a daily visitor to Etsy. Was wondering what the Etsy crafters/sellers from Malaysia are selling in their 'shops', so I went and 'shopped' local...

And was drawn to christystudio

Christy sells handmade bags. Very nice ones too...

And of course I'm getting one! Haha!

This one!

Everyday bag - Meredith in black with adjustable strap

Of course I'm gonna get the black one! Woohoo!

I am placing the order today!

Should I get this as well?

Everyday bag -Victoria in beige with free keychain.

It's on SALE!!!

Photos taken from christystudio.


jleesc said...

that bag is sooooo your style hehehe! go get it! :)

michelleho said...

Haha! Yah! I placed my order ledi! Black Meredith with red inner lining. Brown Victoria with black inner lining. Should probably get it delivered to me by next week! All HANDMADE! Coolness or not?!? Yay! Yay!

Wafaa said...

michelle, where to order? nak jugak.

michelleho said...

Wafaa - Go to Christy's shop at etsy here...


She's local (Klang Valley - Malaysia) and so instead of paying via PayPal you can just do a RM online transfer to a local bank.

Nice kan the bag? Hehehe...

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