March 03, 2009

People who knows me also knows my penchant for cute stuffs, toys, beanies and crafts, just to name a few.

I have been, and still is, an avid reader at Cuteable. It's on my RSS so I go read whatever's new. There's where I came across Etsy. Etsy is a site/portal where people sign up to sell their wares in their 'shop'. The difference between Etsy and Ebay is that Etsy is where people buy and sell craft and handiworks. I used to just hop in and glance at the cute stuff on Etsy via Cuteable.

Just recently, I have been a daily visitor to Etsy. Was wondering what the Etsy crafters/sellers from Malaysia are selling in their 'shops', so I went and 'shopped' local...

And was drawn to christystudio

Christy sells handmade bags. Very nice ones too...

And of course I'm getting one! Haha!

This one!

Everyday bag - Meredith in black with adjustable strap

Of course I'm gonna get the black one! Woohoo!

I am placing the order today!

Should I get this as well?

Everyday bag -Victoria in beige with free keychain.

It's on SALE!!!

Photos taken from christystudio.

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