Thursday, 5 March 2009

Looking forward to the weekend!

It has been a crappy week.

Ending with an ear ache and now a headache.

TGIF tomorrow!

Tomorrow most of my time will be fool of conferences and meetings and more utter nonsense!

Looking forward to a loooong weekend... YES! I nearly forgot Monday is a PH! Thanks Ms Lee for reminding! It will make my Friday bearable...

Just got in some good news! Christy has completed my bags! She will courier them to me tomorrow!

Which means I will get them on Saturday!

She even gave me a couple of shots of my brand new custom made Meredith bag!

Yippi! Yay! Yay!


jleesc said...

cool bag! so looks like I get to see u with it this weekend? haha...

michelleho said...

Just got a message from the maker. Probably will only receive the bag on Tuesday. Maybe coz she posted it after 12pm and tomorrow's Saturday and Monday's a PH! Makes you wonder what exactly does "Pos Laju" mean huh?

Jeffrey Choong said...

Haha... not so laju after all..

But is tonight! So still happy la..

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