Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The All-New JACK!

Yups! Jeff Choong is now known as JACK Choong! Hahahaha!

Don't they look like long-lost brothers? Hahahaha!

Sir gLee says this photo looks very like Mr Choong! Haha! Click here to view.

Awesome! Hahaha!

8 burp(s):

Jeffrey Choong said...

OOOOiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Where got oh??????!!!!

Donna said...

Jeff puts on a stick-on moustache and beard when he becomes Jack Choong.

Jeffrey Choong said...


gLee said...

oh my go... thats definitely jack, i mean jeff.. er.. which is which?

Jeffrey Choong said...

Ooooooiiiiii!!!!! Jeff looks nothing like Jack!!!!

gLee said...

yala.. you're right.. jeff is more leng chai then jack..

Jeffrey Choong said...

I donno whether should I even be happy with that statement!

Is not a compliment either!


Jeffrey Choong said...

I still hate him!!!!

I don't look anything like him. =P

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