Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The All-New JACK!

Yups! Jeff Choong is now known as JACK Choong! Hahahaha!

Don't they look like long-lost brothers? Hahahaha!

Sir gLee says this photo looks very like Mr Choong! Haha! Click here to view.

Awesome! Hahaha!


Jeffrey Choong said...

OOOOiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Where got oh??????!!!!

Donna said...

Jeff puts on a stick-on moustache and beard when he becomes Jack Choong.

Jeffrey Choong said...


gLee said...

oh my go... thats definitely jack, i mean jeff.. er.. which is which?

Jeffrey Choong said...

Ooooooiiiiii!!!!! Jeff looks nothing like Jack!!!!

gLee said...

yala.. you're right.. jeff is more leng chai then jack..

Jeffrey Choong said...

I donno whether should I even be happy with that statement!

Is not a compliment either!


Jeffrey Choong said...

I still hate him!!!!

I don't look anything like him. =P

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