Ending 2008 and Starting 2009 with a BLAST!

February 14, 2009

I was bored so organised my digital photos, and collaged them so that I can blog about what happened during my Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations!

To start off...

Pre-XMas celebration!
A bunch of us from work (plus 2 ex-es) organised a XMas Gift XChange and bought each other gifts.
Secret Santas were seen scrambling around trying to get good pressies to their good boy or girl!
Dinner was at Itallianies, Sunway Pyramid.
Thanks Mamma Donna for being the super organiser!
My secret santa was Mr SEE! Hehehe...

Boxing Day X-Mas party at Events Wizard's HQ.
Had BBQ stuff, liqour, games and of course... pressies!
I got mine from Shirlyn's BF (sorry forgot his name)...

New Year's Eve as usual at Sheraton Subang, where we partied all night, drank all night, pausing for several minutes to watch the fireworks going off at midnight.

Akak's son's wedding. Sorry, no photos of the happy wedded couple.
But lots of photos of other happy people. Hehehe...

Chinese New Year Eve prayers to Ah Kong.
It was a siew bak feast after it was all over.
Burnt Ah Kong some moolah for moolah sessions in the afterworld.

Lou sang on the 3rd CNY day!
Happy Hoi Nin everyone!

Back to KL and 1st appointment was a CNY lunch with the EW crew!
Moolah session at the HQ first before lunch.
Continued the moolah session after lunch.
Guess who was the big winner? Hehehe...

Tze Han, Kel-Synn, Yoke Yin & Timo got a room at KL Hilton one Saturday night.
Invited us over for some hanging out and moolah session.
Tjun Hong, Leticia & I joined them for some moolah xchange/donation/charity session.
Then got some gossip and bitching session.
Lasted till about 4am - then all but Kel-Synn & Timo walked over to KL Sentral for McDonald's breakfast.

It was a Friday Mambo Jambo night at Zouk!
Old ledi... kenot party like before... Haha!

There were also many small stuffs happening in between. Neh! Lazy to blog about it lah!

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