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My 2009 Chinese Horoscope

Steph has been sending me Chinese horoscope readings in my e-mail so since work time is gonna be over soon, thought of surfing the net to see what are the readings for my horoscope. Got a few contradicting ones so I think I shall just take the positive ones and not think too much on the horrible ones...

Well, the one I got from this site says...

For the Sheep, the year of the Ox will bring a busy and hectic period; it is likely to be challenging at times too.

There will be times when you don’t know whether you are coming and because of this, it won’t always be easy. You might feel you are being swept along by a wave of demands, duties, commitments and responsibilities that there is no chance to really think about which way you want to go. (I think I'm already feeling this happening)

If only the world could stop and give you the opportunity to look at it from a different perspective but the next twelve months will become increasingly demanding and although you will see progress, you might sometimes feel you don’t have the time to enjoy the actual rewards.

Relationships and Travel for Sheep Borns 2009
You may well become involved in a joint venture and this could go well for you. You will both be equally as committed as the other but because you feel obliged to always make the effort, this will be very trying.

Travel is another possibility; a one which you should seriously consider as eventually you will need a change of scene, a break – and generally the chance to try and take in all that is happening to you. (Planning to, planning to)

Watch your spending. Problems could come through extravagant gestures or unwise speculation. Heavy commitments or financial difficulties could also cause a few problems in your closest relationships. (Yups, more bills to pay this year...)

You are a sensitive person and it is very rare that your intuition lets you down. During the first three months of the year, however, it would be wise to check things out before acting on impulse. Avoid risks of any description but especially in love and money. (Hmmm...)

To get the best out of the months ahead, try to add fun and enjoyment to your days. Make time for friends and go along with a work-mate’s suggestion to meet up outside working hours. You could discover you have a lot more in common than you had imagined. (So people - more lepak sessions to be initiated this year hor!)

Romance for Sheep Borns 2009
If you’re single, you will be lucky in love if one of Cupid’s darts strikes in March. (Ms. Piggy - IF only hor... haha your fortune teller must ptui ptui and jampi more to make that happen lor...) If already part of a duo, a confrontation of a romantic nature will stir up some intense and compulsive feelings. Are you allowing emotions to have too big an influence on your decisions? If so, start listening to your head and not your heart.

Put your creative and artistic talents to use in your work and off-duty past-times and you will shine. You might also be keen to launch out into fresh interests and activities. Whatever your aims and ambitions, just be yourself and you will succeed. (Hmmm... good idea!)

Mid-Year Trends for 2009 for Sheep Borns

Moving on to the middle of the year and tension is in the air whenever you and a certain someone get together. Whatever it is that is causing the problem, whether it’s a clash of personalities, sexual tension or a plain old-fashioned dislike of each other, you will need to sort it out as soon as possible or it will start to affect other areas of your life, especially your work. (Wonder who this someone is?)

As luck would have it, happenings towards the end of July will bring relationship matters to a head. You will realise that some strange and peculiar misunderstanding has been causing the trouble between you. A more positive picture during the latter half of the year will bring a strong sense of bonding within family and romantic relationships.

End of the Year Trends 2009 for Sheep Borns
Be ready to try something new and out of the ordinary during the last quarter of the year. An unexpected cheque or financial bonus makes you feel as if you are in the money. It’s a great time to shop for items for the home and family. You might spot something for your home at an auction or some other sale and for the price you pay, they might as well have given it away. (Bonus? Yeahhhh right...)

As the year ends, you might expect an increase in neighbourhood activities. An invitation to a get-together with someone you used to work with should not be ignored as he or she could put you in touch with people who are likely to become firm friends in the future.

Does not seem too bad. Things I can handle. However, the readings I get from this website (and which dear Steph e-mailed, does not look that good.

Sheep people had a better luck than most of people in 2008, year of Rat. All career, money, love and health had good news to them last year. However, the year of Cow will be different. This is because Cow and Sheep have fighting relationship, which could bring things turbulent. Sheep people need to pay attention at work, at home or travelling to avoid argument, lawsuit, blooding, accident or money loss. In general, they have to spend lots of effort to overcome many hardship in 2009.

Career: Since the fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow, Sheep people shouldn't have great career performance in 2009. There is no Lucky Star appearing, but many Unlucky Stars coming to career area in year of 2009. This is very unfavourable to your job position. Your job duty will be heavier. The difficulty level of the task will be higher. The schedule of the project will be tighter. Unexpected obstacles will come to you. The progress of the plan will be slowing down. You will be losing trust from your boss. Also, you will involve the issue on company personnel coordination. Then, you cannot concentrate on your daily business. Therefore, you don't have the chance and time to show off your job ability. If the company has financial trouble, then you have to find a way to save your position.

Money: Career is always the major factor to determine the money luck. If your career luck is poor, then you shouldn't expect any extra income from your job. There is a Broken Star in the money area. That means it's hard to accumulate the wealth in this year. You might lose money since gambling, wrong business deal, risky investment or accident. Whatever you earn, you will spend it at the end and you won't have any extra savings. Therefore, you need to think about balancing the budget before spending money in 2009.

Love: Neither a Love Star nor an Unlucky Star is coming in love area this year. Therefore the love fortune for Sheep people is fair this year. Your partner will complaint about your attitude on your love relationship because of your constantly absence of mind. Maybe the pressure from your job, you don't have good temper like before and lose your passion in love. In order to keep your love relationship, you need to pay attention on your words and deeds.

Health: The fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow always brings something to trouble people. Too much worry could bring people illness. If you are senior, then you have to watch for your health this year. Whenever feeling uncomfortable, you need to visit the doctor and don't let a tiny illness become a serious disease. If you are a young Sheep people, you need to make sure you have good sleeping quality. No enough sleep at night lets you lose energy during daytime, impact your working efficiency and then affect your health and your job.

Fortune: Because your career luck and money luck are unstable in 2009. You have better to keep your profile low. You need to bear the challenge and endure the trouble, stick on your position and must avoid changing your job. If possible, you also have better not to travel to long distance, not to attend funeral, not to visit the sick people, not do home improvement or redecoration. Your health should be fair. If you have a long term disease, as long as you pay attention on it, you can keep the same health. In general, Sheep people must not show off themselves and don't try to be a hero in 2009. They should only focus on their job responsibilities, then they will have a safe and peaceful year of Cow.

Sad case the reading... gonna ignore this. Haha!

Speaking of zodiac, I like what this site says about my personality trait according to the Chinese zodiac.

The zodiac sign of the sheep is often considered to be the most feminine sign of the Chinese zodiac, with many sheep being extremely creative, sensitive individuals. You may also hear this sign called the goat, or sometimes the ram, which is rather unfortunate for a feminine sign, as a ram is of course a male sheep. It should not surprise you to learn that this is a yin element, with a number of feminine traits, and the fixed element of the sheep is fire. The fire makes sheep enterprising, single minded, restless, dynamic, and adventurous. Sheep tend to do best in creative professions.
The Chinese zodiac is an extremely complicated arrangement of 12 zodiac animals and five fluctuating elements which appear in yin and yang aspects. As a result, just saying that someone is a “sheep” isn't quite enough, as the year in which someone is born is very important. The Chinese also emphasize the importance of place of birth and time of birth when looking at someone's zodiac-associated personality traits.
This zodiac sign is overwhelmingly dominated by creativity. Sheep are very fond of beautiful things, and they love making and looking at them. Many sheep are also naturally beautiful (big Haha!) people, with warm, generous, open personalities. They are also extremely sympathetic and sensitive, and many sheep tend to be modest, underplaying their accomplishments. However, they also seek affirmation, and many desperately want to be liked.
Sheep are extremely insecure and shy, and their attention-seeking can sometimes be suffocating. They often misinterpret people and situations, which can lead to conflict, and because sheep shrink from conflict, this can be problematic. However, when a sheep perceives him or herself as the base of a conflict, the sheep will step forward and try to make good out of the situation. Sheep are also natural wanderers and adventurers, although they also have a strong appreciation for life's comforts.
The best career for a sheep is one which allows him or her to exercise creativity. Sheep do well as artists, designers, and performers. They can sometimes turn into prima donnas who are difficult to handle (no-lar, I don't think I'm that bad la kan?), but they can also produce amazing, complex, and stunning work in a variety of artistic disciplines. Behind their sensitivity and insecurity, sheep have a strong competitive drive to do well.
Sheep get on well with rabbits (anyone?), pigs (this is Adik - anyone else?), and horses (Ms. Piggy - no wonder lah! Haha!). They also tend to get along with other sheep, tigers (lucky for my sister! Haha!), monkeys (that's Ms Lee), and dogs. However, their personalities tend to conflict with rats (looking forward to lots of arguments with mum hehehe), snakes, dragons, roosters, and oxes.

How about what this site says about 'me'? What you think?

The Sheep Personality
Of all the signs, the Sheep symbolizes altruism and the female persona. You tend to be a gentle hearted person. What aggressiveness you have is likely to manifest as passive-aggressive behaviour. You probably have a big soft spot for your little children and animals. You are likely to be fashionable and refined, preferring quiet, charming social settings such as a cosy little restaurant or an art museum. Speaking of art, there is a good chance you are an artist yourself, and an even better one that you appreciate the aesthetics of more than one of the performing and, or, visual arts. Finally, it must be said you are a romantic type. In addition to a propensity for dinner by candlelight, you also long for the pastoral. You like to spend time walking in the garden or driving through the peaceful countryside. And, you probably adore all the squirrels and other cute little animals you find along the way.
On the other hand, you’re not that adventurous and will make sure those outings are to the most peaceful locations. You can be indecisive and vacillate between choices hoping you don’t have to make one when the choice is difficult. And, when things don’t go your way, or even just threaten not to go your way, you tend to become moody. This can result in pouting and makes you tense. You’re also somewhat of a worrier, which adds to your edginess.

The Sheep In Relationships
The affectionate Sheep is one of the warmest, loving and tender people you will know. You are good hearted and genuinely care about others. In general you readily forgive others and rarely hold grudges. With these qualities it’s not surprising you do well in social situations. You are generally friendly and congenial and beautifully tactful in your choice of words. It’s not in your nature to willingly hurt anyone with meanness or a sharp tongue.
In truth you can be quite timid and sometimes have difficulty summoning the courage to stand up for your rights. If you’re not careful, people will take advantage of you. Your changeable nature means you can be fickle when it comes to your likes and dislikes. Some people probably see you as unpredictable. At your worst you are capricious when it comes to your responsibilities meaning, you’re not always that reliable. (Hrmph!)

So - looking forward to 2009? Whatever it is - bring it on! Haha!

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