Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Arguments, Re-arrangement, Arguments

This was how my hall looked like since September last year...

It took me nearly a week to get everything all nicely arranged and organised...

All done when Mum was away in Penang. The only time to do this as to avoid all arguments and more arguments...

Had my MELDEL day bed in the hall to double up as a sitting furniture (lounge, sit, sleep, nap - whatever la hor...) which I think was kinda cool la...

Then come December Mum decided that she does NOT want the MELDEL day bed in the hall. And wanna take the fugly and bulky Slumberland Sofa Bed in the hall, and the day bed into the guest room, where the sofa bed was originally located.

Honestly, I feel the sofa bed was fine wherever it was as guests are not frequent, so it will not be pulled down to a bed, remaining a sofa for sitting and chit-chatting and giving more walking space in the guest room.

And I honestly feel that the day bed was cool enough where it was. Just because we have not like a house-full of guests at one time, does NOT mean people don't like to sit and lounge there! She just cannot get the 'idea' into her rigid thinking - SO FRUSTRATING!

So, since mum has been nagging about moving the furniture around etc. (nagged at me about moving furniture around right in the middle of my projects - where I value most of my time at home in bed - ASLEEP!) - I promised her that I will take some time off before CNY to help her clean and re-arrange the interior of the house. So friends, I am not sitting leisurely at home hor, it's still houseWORK!

So, tonight, all 3 of us gang-ed up together to move MELDEL upstairs, and sofa bed downstairs. I sincerely don't like the idea of the sofa bed in the hall, but mum seems to like the idea of it in the hall. I want my day bed to be in the hall, but mum was adamnent to NOT have the day bed in the hall!


This is how the hall looked like after switching the beds.

The sofa bed just look very AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

FYI - That is a tabbed curtain doubling up as a cover throw to camouflage the ugly sofa bed blue cover (and trying my best to blend the sofa bed to the wall to an almost non-existence!).

This is how crowded the guest room looked like after the switch.

From the door...

Well... THAT'S IT!!! Enter door, cupboard on left. Queen bed on right. Day bed next to the queen bed. Which leaves about 30cm of walking space in between the queen and day bed. There's a adjoining toilet door next to the window, so unless I don't wanna allow guests to use the toilet, no furniture can be placed there. So ridiculous!

Sigh! The guest room just got even more crowded and more like a store room. You see, at least when the sofa bed was there (it was placed next to the Queen-sized bed, by the window), there is still some floor space when it's up. It's only when we have slightly more guests will then only the sofa bed be pulled down. Come morning, it's up again. With the day bed in there taking it's place, it will be spaceless 24/7.

Sigh! And I so DO NOT like how the living room look like now!

I felt like arguing more, but thought better not to, as it will switch on mum's black thunder mode, which can prolong till CNY. And I wanna enjoy my CNY.

I just feel like chucking the farking sofa bed, and farking relocate my day bed downstairs. If she says no one likes to sit there - I will sit there for meals, chatting, facebooking, put a mirror in front of the TV so that I can watch TV reflecting back to where I will be sitting etc.

I am so GERAM!!! I'm gonna give more excuse to NOT stay at home more. Since that's what mum always wanna bring up each time I argue with her...

How to end this sofa/day bed feud? I think I shall go out for a drive just about now and scream in frustration in the car!


Maybe I'll get her off somewhere to visit relatives for a while and relocated everything back to their original places!



Ms. Reny said...

I will arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with u also...hahahhaha!

renaye said...

well, if i'm the guest, i would be happy enough to sleep in a guest room with a bed!!! i have shared a bed with my mother and sister during CNY. and i hated it a lot.

michelleho said...

Reny - ARGHHH!!!

Renaye - I'm sure you will, but I like to have a comfortable guest room for guests, with space. Hehe... how about bringing a foldable mattress next time so you won't need to cramp in 1 bed. Coincidently, how big was the bed? Have fun!

renaye said...

RYC: the bed is a single bed. so three of us cramped onto the bed.

and it's so thoughtful of u to think of the guest's welfare. if only all hosts r like u.

michelleho said...

OMG! 3 ppl on 1 single bed. I would have opted the floor. Lay out a blanket, 1 pillow and I can sleep there! Must always have comfortable sleeping area for guests, if not it will be called the store room, not guest room la kan! Hehehe...

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