Monday, 24 November 2008

Tilt-Shift Paris!

Was reading Kenny Sia's Paris post and immediately saw the tilt-shift potential in one of his photos! Experimented and the result was superb! Here's the before and after tilt-shift photo, original photo by Kenny Sia!

This is Kenny's original photo!

After some tilt-shift tweaking!


Looks exactly like the miniature of Kenny's original photo right?

Kinda remind me of the CSI : Las Vegas miniature serial killer episode!


Jeffrey Choong said...

Wah! Nice! Kenny Sia got see or not? haha...

Glee said...

fantastic.. makes me wanna start a blog on my own tilt-shift adventures ;)

michelleho said...


Jeff - I dunno. But I left a message in his blog telling him I "borrowed" his picture.

Glee - Do start! Then add me on as a contributor! I heart! Hehe...

jleesc said...

nice nice! hehe...where I work, we buy softwares to make buildings and images look like real...this is sooo the opposite! hahahahaa ;)

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