All Poof-ed Out!

November 21, 2008

It has been a trying week at work.

Thank God it's Friday and the week is almost over!

What's happening this weekend?

1. A1GP in Sepang this weekend. Race day on Sunday. Have been working like a -toot- for the pass week. Meeting numerous psychos and idiots, not to mention the occasional bleaters and donkeys, monkeys and other animals from the animal kingdom. In fact, I think animals are better off. Shows me how dysfunctional many people in the office are. Damn!

2. Church wedding on Saturday. Not mine. You wish.

3. Wedding dinner on Sunday. Not mine. You wish again.

Next week, need to apply leave, prepare approval papers, set meeting appointments, plan marketing activities, prepare claims, and more documents, and UGH! many more.

Looks like next week's work is all cut out for me too! Sigh..

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