Q&A of a Cranky Monday...

October 13, 2008

Q : What makes Monday blue?
A : Well, it IS the 1st working day of the week?

Q : What can make it worse?
A : When first thing in the morning you are greeted with work which was needed by the afternoon, after a decision was made on late Friday meeting. Plus, it's just a 'favour', but a 'compulsory' favour.

Q : What else gets on your nerve?
A : When extra work needs to be done for a project which could have started years back, if the budget has been approved, instead of getting slashed for each year (means no budget for the project that financial year) and then suddenly when server crash everyone so concern and because there is no money initially budgeted after being slashed there is a whole hoolaballooo of management paper to write for approval to request unbudgeted budget which needs to be explained and signed by numerous parties and as a whole the entire situation is pretty farked up. So next time to the management / boss / to-whom-it-may-concern - when budget is requested, there is sure for a reason, not to take the money to go gallivanting or to go for holiday (no matter how much I want to)... Save so many people the hassle and I can do better things with my time! Waste of resources! ARGHHH!!!

Q : Anything else to add?
A : Yes, when there are suddenly so many opinions to something which was never bothered before, adding to the already heavy workload, making me confused and irritated! So, which boss to follow?

Anyway, to cheer up the end of my workday, got a belated birthday present from Mamma Donna!

(Will post up birthday entry when I am in the mood.)

And to adik - Chocolate fondue at Just Dessert tomorrow! You in? Anyone else?

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