Thursday, 23 October 2008

More about Michelle...

1. The girl's name Michelle \m(i)-chelle, mich(el)-le\ is pronounced mee-SHELL.

2. It is of French and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "who resembles God".

3. Feminine form of Michael. A popular name when it was first used in the 1940s, and made even more so by the Beatles' famous song "Michelle" in the 1970s.

4. Popular in Germany.

5. Actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, Sara Michelle Gellar; singer Me'Shell N'Degé Ocello; figure skater Michelle Kwan.

6. Michelle has 36 variant forms:
Chelle, Machelle, Mashelle, M'chelle, Mechelle, Meechelle, Me'Shell, Meshella, Mia, Micaela, Michaela, Michaelina, Michaeline, Michaella, Michal, Michela, Michele, Michelina, Micheline, Michell, Michella, Micki, Mickie, Midge, Miguela, Miguelita, Mikaela, Miquela, Misha, Mishaelle, Mishelle, M'shell, Mychele, Mychelle, Myshell and Myshella.


~ayoi~ said...

Got competition getting to know Michelle ka?

Anyway, I luv the "Michelle" song by the Beattles. In fact, I luv all Beattles songs.

michelleho said...

No-ler.. I got nothing better to write about... hehehe... lazy wanna write long long posts...

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