In Memory of My Bestest Friend...

October 04, 2008

1st October 2008

It was the first day of Hari Raya.

And the last day Nikki was with us.

Remembering Nikki Ho...

Nikki, when she was a puppy. I made these photos into my desktop wallpaper at one time.

Nikki, saying hello - in her own way.

Nikki, travelling.
She's always so curious to what's happening on the outside. When we travel at night, she wakes up when we pass an exit because of all the bright lights. And those days when I had to wind down my window at the toll gate, she will be sniffing next to my ears. But she is a good passenger. Very well-mannered in the car.

Nikki, acting cute for wanting to get into the house.

Nikki, in a smile.

Nikki, is camera shy.

Always looking away.

Now Bobbi Ho is alone. And always down in a moody pose.

We will miss you Nikki Ho!
A dear friend and family...

You are now there with Papa Ho in a better place.

Rest In Peace...

Read my sister's obituary of Nikki Ho. Sob*

I was planning to write about my birthday but writing about Nikki took 1st place, so maybe some other time.

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