The week that was...

September 02, 2008

What was the week all about?

Sun, sea, work, friends and family --- all into one.

Hung out with a dear friend a bit. Lotsa catching up to do...

I hope she meant me up there... hehehe...

At the beach with Jess... it was para gliding after that - OMG! Wanna go do again?

Then it was a 12 hour train ride to Singapore - never to be done again unless I somehow go gila and wanna do it again... It was a quick trip down south and back to KL again. Very tired!

Don't be fooled with our jolly faces. This was taken 12 hours before the trip! Hehe!

Dinner was at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Here's to the newlyweds!

Congratulations cousin and cousin-in-law!

One for the album!

The next day, before taking the bus back to KL, cam-whored with my cousin's woogies!

Hi Scruffy! Rufus is running down there somewhere... Hihihi...

Now? Back to work la! What you think leh?

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