Playing Sims in Real Life!

September 23, 2008

If only it's all in a click of a button and a CTRL+Z away! Alas...

Guess what I have been doing the past few days... Crazy me!

I was relocating furnitures in my living room. You see, our TV cabinet was sitting in the middle of the hall for more than a year now. We have collectively decided some time ago that the cabinet should move to one side, as there was wasted space on the left and right side of the hall. So, I waited for one long week when mum was not around (to avoid her bossy foreman side) and also has to coincide with me being in the mood to work on it... hehehe...

So, this was how my hall looked like after we moved the cabinet to the left (coz all the cables and wires are conveniently that side of the room). Notice how MESSY the area was! Not fit for living! Hehe... The TV was blardey heavy! We (my sis and I - she was commenting I was crazy again and again) had to clear out the little trinkets on both sides of the glass cabinet, lift the TV down, move the entire cabinet to the left side of the hall, lift the TV back up (it took us about 10 tries - the TV was really blardey heavy!!!), and reconnect all the wires! That was a hassle coz I kinda forgot which wire went to which and ended up not having any blasted volume from the amplifier! Took us many failed attempts and frustration and cursed words before my sis managed to get it right! Phew! At least I won't be missing my TVB drama the next day.

Then I started moving all the other furniture around. The 2 mini armchairs were relocated. KLIPPAN sofa was pushed to the wall. MELDAL day bed was taken out from storage (it was underutilised in the utility room) and given a proper exposure in the hall. Then it was off to bed!

The next day, I was away so could not continue.

The next night, carpets were laid out properly, the breakfast and console table were happy to have found a space in the living room, and did some cleaning in the corners.

The next night, placed back all the trinkets into the glass cabinets. That task alone took the entire night! Gawd!

So finally, last night, everything was spick and span to my standard! Haha!


This is the view from the front door. So now my hall has a TV area and a sitting area! Whee!

This is the sitting area. Only for people to chit-chat and lepak and won't disturb the TV-watching people! Haha!

The MELDAL day bed! Was supposed to be in my room but plans changed. Sigh! Then I dumped some of my plushies on the bed so it looks more 'cuddly'! Haha!

This is the view from one corner of the hall. That's the front entrance, and on the left is the sliding door to the courtyard. Hmmm... I think I'm happy with the outcome!

What's on for tonight? Need to clear out the dining area, as a lot of the 'rubbish' was temporarily dumped there during the living room pimping session.


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