Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mario Mushroom!

It was an eventful weekend. Uncle Sai Hong and Aunty Jillian made a trip up the highlands and invited mum, sis and me along. Last minute, decided to invite Uncle Sai Yoke too. So the -ahem- room -ahem- became -ahem- more -ahem- crowded lor... Was there 3 days 2 nights.

Asked Ms Lee if she has plans the same weekend and asked her to go up as well with her mum and AJ (which I was so sure will be a sure-go!) - hehehe... So, we met later in the evening for some Gashapon moments, laff moments and Starbucks moment... Read all about it here lah!

Gashapon! My latest weird and expensive once-in-a-while obsession. There were rows of Gashapon machines in the arcade and as usual, whenever I pass by any machines, will just peek through to look see if there's anything interesting I can get. Mind you, it's expensive so try not to go all crazy like I did. Each turn will cost 2 or 3 tokens, depending on the value of the toy, and each token is RM4. The trick is, if you did not get the particular toy you wanted in the first place, you will try and try and try and try again and again and again till you get it (well, me anyway!)...

Well, what was it that I got so mushy about?

It was the Mushroon from the Mario game! You remember the red mushroom which let Mario grow big when eaten? Yups! That was it!

All my bubbly capsules of Gashapon toys.

Sneak peek inside!

Once released from the capsule.

Let me justify myself by showing you what I meant that it was darn cute!

Cute kan? Well, by the time I got the red mushroom, I collected the entire SET! Waheee!

And these cuties double up as a bell charm! Hear it ring when you jiggle it!

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