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September 12, 2008

Yeah... if you have seen my status, you would know what it was the past 2 days. Ironically, check out the date! Phew!

Today especially, was like a 24 hours 100 meter sprint race the whole day. Phew - got to calm down a bit about 7pm (hence blogging about being bogged)...

Hopefully, if it all the plan works out beautifully, this sprint will result in something AWESOME (Jeff's favourite quote) come next January.

So, will be up with the clouds donating money to GH (no - I don't mean General Hospital) and getting freaked out like in the movie Final Destination 3 - omitting the dying part.

Planning to get the Proton Persona SE in Blue Haze colour but not sure if I can cope with all the other bills I'm footing. Depressed. I heart the car leh...

Plans to give birth to a Cool Bear Workstation toy is well underway. Just surveyed the price of the toy, and clothes, and shoes, and all the extra accessories. I'm probably gonna spend about RM150 or more... And my newborn will have a birth certificate!

So I have chosen the monkey.

And these would probably the clothes (found on website) but my visit to Parkson Sunway Pyramid just now displayed even more. So I will slowly ponder what my newborn will have to wear.

The pink outfit on the bear looks ladylike don't you think?


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