Backtrack reading

September 06, 2008

I was bored. So, decided to backtrack ALL my blog entries from the first ever post. And I have to admit, my English is not that great as I thought, not that I was trying to act all professor-ish and all... Lazy to correct the dumb grammar mistakes, spelling errors etc. Leaving it there coz no one's perfect.

Anyways, was reading this when I decided that I will be getting this for myself come this 28th!


First, you choose the plushie/character...

Stuff it with cotton, etc, stuffs with a special machine (no photo) to fill 'er up!

Then of course, clothes shopping.

And shoe-shopping. SOOOOO cute!!!

Here's a sample of the final product.

More friends here...

The best part is, each plushie will have its own BIRTH CERTIFICATE! How cool is that?

I am so getting one for myself this year!

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