June 25, 2008

What is it with make-up and high heels? Are the men so insecure about their apparent lack of self-constraint that they have to blackout anything women do to look good and feel self-confident? And I mean ANYTHING!

First, there was a whole pea-brained breed of (gasp!) university student society or some sort that came out with a conclusion that the white school uniform encourages more sexual activities and rape. Instead of defending their own gender, they went out to tell everyone that YES! It's our fault for wearing uniforms which has been around forever and to make men leer at us while doing so! Thank you SIS for defending us females against the pea-brained people!

Hell! You think us females LOVE to get raped? Go brainwash your pea-sized brain! You twerps!

And I just read recently about the whole lipstick and high heels issue in our Darul Naim state. Sometimes, I just wonder if all these were done just for the heck of it or they have nothing else better to do.

Why is it always pointing to the females? Shouldn't the men keep their "urges" and "little brothers" in place? Sheesh!

And don't let me start on concert ban issues. Each time a concert is organised here in Malaysia, there sure will be some out of tune voices staging protests, drawing up petitions etc - whatever for? They always bleat the same old excuse - that our younger generation will become rotten apples. With what? Some melodies and tunes and a little dance on stage? Get real-lah people!

I know this is not the normal kind of post I put up but really - some people should really go back to school and re-think life!

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