What I did not know about my rearview mirror...

May 01, 2008

It took me 5 years driving my car before I found out an interesting fact on one of the things I use everyday while driving, and in which can be found in almost every car nowadays...

You know when you drive at night (or day) and when there's a glare of strong headlights from the car behind you (or the sun) and you have to squint your eyes to look at the road ahead of you, so that to minimise the amount of light intake into your eyes?

I just found out how to solve that teeny-weeny lil' problem! Without closing my eyes - or even squint!

This is the view from my rear view mirror, taken while I was driving home just now (I was very the super careful). Notice the slight glare coming from the car headlights?

This is how it looks like - after some magic mirror tweaking.

The glare REALLY lessened by half!

The trick?

Well, thanks to Sir GLee, I learned a new car fun fact today! If you notice the white cat under the mirror in the second photo, there is actually a little 'knob' which I can lift up, and the mirror will magically get photo effect #2! It's like a slight tint over the mirror to lessen the glare, thus ensuring a squint-free driving experience!

Still not sure what I'm babbling about? Ask Sir GLee or me, when you 'see' us! Hehehe...

Anyways. Today's report. Ezan, Abe, Gary and I were at the Securities Commission building earlier this evening (eh! Already 1am lah!) -- early yesterday evening to attend a seminar and forum, talking about the POWER OF WEB 2.0 - on how the web is a powerful tool today (duh! you mean after all this time only did you realise this?!?) for the brand, new media and also politics (as we can REALLY see). More about that later - if I'm in the mood to elaborate more.

Car pooled with Gary and Abe, and while driving back to the office, we just couldn't resist taking some boo-tee-fool shots of the sunset sky, which can be seen after we passed the Duta toll gate.

Going uphill after the Duta toll gate.

As we were 'cruising' past Kota Damansara towards Subang.

Our CaPiSh driver. Shot through the PROTON Gen.2 CPS headrest (if you are not aware - there's a hole in the headrest - for your ears to breathe better! - HAHAHA! Kidding!).

Reflection of the sunset, seen on the reflective glass of our Crystal Showroom windows.

This almost made it to the finalist for the best sunset postcard photo.

I said almost... Hehehe...

Last but not least.

On my way home. Steadied the camera on my steering wheel. Note the speed. Like I said, I was very the super careful. We ALL were! Right, CaPiSh driver? Hehehe...

Last but not least, to ALL the working community, high or low, top or bottom, rich or poor, let me take the opportunity to wish you a very very very very very...


Have a great weekend ahead!

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