Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Teambuilding Weekend @ PD

Snippets of what went on over the weekend.

Team name, flag design and team cheer - making session.

Team cheer - HELLO YELLOW!!!

Who's Who & Sudoku.


Task accomplished.

While we were waiting to change game, some of us did some side entertainment...

Ezan & Suzana did this...

Azim did this...

Getting ready for Hari Raya.

That night, karaoke session on the lookout for the next PROTON IDOL.

Then some of us adjourned to Poison Rose after that.

Nice ambiance. But not-so-good selection of music.

Group photo.

My roomie that weekend.

The next day.

More games. And yes, we got wet.

Trying to get ASTRO on.

Building a plane.

HELLO YELLOW team members with our flag and plane.

Making sure the plane flies.


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Mary Hambleton said...

Hey Fellow Yellow - I loved your pictures. I always try to be on the Yellow (fun)Team. Team Building IS what we are all about at Soul Canyon Training & Development. Have you thought of sending your team down a wild river in Oregon? Or climbing to the top of a tree and jumping off? Check us out online or on MySpace

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