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April 06, 2008

Let's see. What have I been up to?

20th March 2008 ~ Attended AJ's 61st Purple-licious Birthday Party with Mel. Mum was in Penang so obviously, she did not attend. Jess, please let me know in advance what colour theme it is next year yah. Need to prepare colour coordinated clothes in advance. Hehehe...

Bought my very own CJ7 plushie! It's small and cute (as seen above with my car's steering wheel). Anyone gonna get me the super huge huggable one?

Work related. My ticket to the F1 race in Sepang.

With Anne at the F1 race on Saturday. Gave my ticket to KW for Sunday's race. Not my cup of coffee anyways...

Random photos of Nikki trying to be cute...

Whatcha doin'?

Oh... puh-lease... plisss?


Talk to the nose!

Ahhh! Watever-ler!

Huh? *Grins*

Last weekend, I was in Alor Star, Kedah for work.

Welcome to Alor Star! BEAUTIFUL sunset!

Holiday Inn Alor Star - so-so only la...

Besides 'working' - Alor Star was like a eating fest for me...

See? Isn't it yummy? How to resist? My weight also went up over the weekend... Sigh...

What work you say? Really la... work travel...


The PROTON National Circuit GP Finals 2007 - no I did not type out the wrong year. They couldn't make it last year so the finals was postponed to March 2008.

Another breathtaking sunset view of Alor Star. Why can't we get this kind of colours back in KL?

Aiks? Apparently we can - if we look hard enough hor...

Taken just outside my house.

Anne will be leaving our department very soon, so a bunch of us went out Friday night to kinda 'celebrate'?

We went to Palate Palette.

The ladies washroom (toilet cubicle) in Palate Palette.

Nice eh? I feel sooo very the secured! Hehehe...

People photos? Aiyah sorry my camera battery died after a few shots so have to depend on Ms. Reny to give us the photos. When ar Ms. Reny?

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