TV Dinner

March 18, 2008

Mum's in Penang for two weeks. So after work yesterday, I was scuttling to and fro between the kitchen and hall during the advertisements slots of my TVB drama - cooking dinner!

Menu for dinner was --

Steamed White Pomfrey with non-Emperor sauce.

(see how proud I am of my fish - hehe...)

Pictured above - this is the before cooking fish.


Plain fried kangkung.

The full spread.

TV dinner.

After tv and dinner, was browsing through a college magazine (MYC) - saw this article which caught my eye.

Tze Han ~ is this Adele Lim the Adele Lim you and I know? I've only known her for a short while so I'm not quite sure. Plus the article mentioned that she is from PJ (and I know she is/was staying in SS2) so it kinda clicks?

So - is she?

If yes - OMG! Writing for Las Vegas and One Tree Hill! So cool!

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