Tuesday, 18 March 2008

TV Dinner

Mum's in Penang for two weeks. So after work yesterday, I was scuttling to and fro between the kitchen and hall during the advertisements slots of my TVB drama - cooking dinner!

Menu for dinner was --

Steamed White Pomfrey with non-Emperor sauce.

(see how proud I am of my fish - hehe...)

Pictured above - this is the before cooking fish.


Plain fried kangkung.

The full spread.

TV dinner.

After tv and dinner, was browsing through a college magazine (MYC) - saw this article which caught my eye.

Tze Han ~ is this Adele Lim the Adele Lim you and I know? I've only known her for a short while so I'm not quite sure. Plus the article mentioned that she is from PJ (and I know she is/was staying in SS2) so it kinda clicks?

So - is she?

If yes - OMG! Writing for Las Vegas and One Tree Hill! So cool!

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Adele Lim said...

I'm the Adele that Tze Han knows... the pretty lady in the magazine is my senior in high school. She's super sweet and very talented. Hope this helps!

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