Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tagged! 5 Things...

Reny tagged me in her recent entry.

Well... At least now I have something to write in my post! Hehehe...

So here goes...

5 websites you often visit:
1. My Facebook (and all the other connecting pages within like this and this)
2. Cuteable (where all the kiutsi-miutsi stuffs are featured)
3. One-half of Nuffnang's boss' blog. Just for laffs.
4. The tagger's page. To read her almost daily updated posts.
5. This one not much choice. It's work ma.

Tag 5 more persons: (has to be ladies coz of the nature of the question ma - sorry guys)
1. Jessica - Either in your long-lost blog (so lost that I cannot remember the address liao) or Facebook la...
2. Melissa Ho - I can more or less guess some of your answers liao.
3. Ezan - You can do this in your Facebook).
4. Kak Zatil - Since you have now a blog (even though it's together-gather).
5. Boey - Just do it!

5 things on my office desk:
1. Paperwork
2. Computer
3. Stationeries
4. Coffee mug
5. More paperwork

5 things on my bed:
1. Comforter
2. Pillow
3. Bolster
4. Bedsheet
5. Myself

5 things in my car
1. Plushies
2. CDs
3. Tissue box
4. Hanging trinkets
5. Woogie pillows

5 things in my wallet
1. Money in Ringgit Malaysia
2. IC
3. Driving license
4. ATM card
5. Credit cards

5 things in my handbag (picked out the most essential ones from the whole lot - tough decisions!)
1. Wallet
2. Baby dopody
3. Camera
4. Car keys
5. House keys

5 items in my cosmetics bag:
1. Lipstick
2. Facial powder
3. Comb
4. Aspirins
5. Toothpick

So, whoever got tagged - get right on it!


Ms.Reny said...

Things in your car:
Should be:
1.Hanging trinkets
2.Small bear
3.Hanging trinkets
4. Small bear
.....25. Small bear lagi! Ayaa!!

Your office table:
= corp comm's store..hahahahhaha

michelleho said...

Shhh... Nanti people come and rob me la... You wan me to kena rompak ar? Aiyoyo! Hehehe...

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