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March 04, 2008

It has been a helluva couple of weeks. Weeks that witnessed 2 birthdays, a birth and a wedding.

My happy wishes to the February babies below.
27/2 ~ Ram See Foo - Missed you by inches when you were back here in Malaysia, but Happy Birthday to you anyway.
28/2 ~ Kak Zatil. Since you are all the way over in US, no birthday makan with us this year. Can cover back when you get back yah.

So, no birthday makan photos as my February birthday pals are all not in Malaysia.


The couple from Cari Menantu Season 1, my friend Sarah and her hubby Cupi, who is also my friend, had just received their bee-you-tee-fool birthday daughter couple of days ago. When you ask? Haha! A leap year baby!

Khalysh Najlaa bt Ahmad Lotfi was born at 11.25pm on the 29th February 2008! We'll celebrate her next birthday on 29th February 2012. Cool eh? CONGRATULATIONS to both of you, Sarah and Cupi!


Congratulations to my friend, Wern Lu and her hubby, Alex Tan! Beautiful wedding!

2/3 ~ They had their wedding at the ACTS Church, Summit USJ. Have not been there before, invitation mentioned 2nd floor so I rounded the entire 2nd floor of Summit. Decided that it could definately NOT be there, went down to the information counter and asked. Apparently have to go out and take the lift in between Summit USJ and Summit Hotel. How confusing! Even that took me a while before I managed to understand the girl's instructions. Haih!

Anyways, got there, just in time for the bridal procession. I was a bit late, as usual (hehe) but luckily as this is a wedding -slash- Sunday service, the service was more or less over when I got there. So I was actually there for the wedding. Phew!

Oh, and guess who I met there? Mr Lim Kuan Cheen lor! Aiyoh! Been ages since I've seen him.

Wern Lu, thanks for inviting! It was something else! And interesting...

It's now March. Lots of things happening this month I think. Most importantly ~ 2 weeks of mom-free environment! Hihihi! Bliss and nag-free! Yay!

Then it's Alor Setar at the end of this month! Smack!

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