A Weary Weekend...

February 25, 2008

Saturday started of good. Lazing around on Saturday morning. Then lazing around some more in the afternoon. Melissa had a housewarming to go to that evening so we set off to Seksyen 2 with every intention to make it a very very short trip.

Bought all the artsee-fartsee stuff I needed for my impromptu project. An abandoned interest since I started working. Wonder why I suddenly had the urge to start doing all these non-profitable stuffs now? (Turned out to be a very expensive outing... sigh...)

I'm not going too much into details of what happened. More of what happened next. All I'm gonna say that I was at the Bulatan Kayangan, wanting to get out to the road heading towards Tesco Shah Alam. To get home to get ready for the night's session with friends, and Mel to attend her housewarming.

Then... the traffic lights IN THE ROUNDABOUT turned green... I moved on slowly, signaled left, inching my way out. I'm almost out when...


What was going through my mind at that time? First. Where the FARK did that blue sedan came from? I did not see it in either my side and rear view mirrors? Was I dreaming? I want to say that I did not but that till now is a blur for me.

Parked my car at the side. The blue sedan went on and stopped in front of another red light IN THE ROUNDABOUT, not far from my car. Till now, I still feel that if I did not get down from my car, they would have driven off? Till I was out of my car, they did not show any signs of getting down themselves?

What happened? The young guy (let me call him Cappy) came down with his passenger (I'll call him Thumbs), went over and looked at the damage of their car. I went and looked at mine. Heart dropped. DEMMIT! Then I went over to him. He was like... "What did you do? You HIT ME! You could not WAIT for a second or two to let ME PASS! Now how?"

I was still in a blur. Huh?

We then decided to get off the roundabout and waited by the side of the road to 'keng sou' lah.

I was trying to tell my side of the story, like... Hello? Where did he come from???

He was like... "You hit me! What do you mean where I came from? You could not have waited for a second or two? Must barge in and hit me?"

Twice I asked him to lower his voice. To me and my mum, who thankfully, was there with me.

At first I was all in to pay for the damages (even though I still feel pretty blur about the whole episode) but then what followed next made me change my mind.

1. Called my insurance agent and told him about the accident. He told me to make a police report.
(I was already in the verge of making up my mind to make a police report, to let the insurance settle everything later on, regardless who is in the wrong.)

2. Called my cousin Thev-aneh and asked if he could come accompany us? Because I was with mum and Mel, plus the other party were both guys, one local and the other foreigner, I was a bit weary. (Thank you Thev-aneh and Jenuka-ka for being there with us the ENTIRE night. Sorry for botching your dinner plans.)

3. Told the guys to let's go make a police report so that the insurance can settle. They were albeit pretty reluctant, Cappy asked me to wait coz the car owner was on his way.

I asked... "Oh, so this is not your car?"

(The answer which followed really pissed me off... and which was the final clincher for me to decide to make a police report instead of settling the whole issue there with them.)

Cappy replied - "No it's not. You're lucky. I drive a FERRARI!" HMPHHH!

Bloody HELL! I couldn't care FARK if you have driven a bloody Ferrari or a bullock cart. The fact is, you were driving a FREAKING BORROWED CAR! The Chinese has this saying ~ If you don't talk, no one will know you're dumb.

That was the "Ding! Ding!" of the jackpot! No matter whatever or whoever says anything, police report it is!

4. Owner came. Let me call him Lappie. Also a foreigner. I knew later they were from Iran. Whatever. He was pretty polite. But pretty ridiculous. I told him to let's go do the police report and get all this done over once and for all. He said the police needs to come to the site to access the accident. the situation etc. Well, I told him no, let's go anyway coz if they are gonna call the police to come, we will be standing there till the New Year. He was still reluctant, trying to get me to settle it there.

5. At this point, guy number 4 arrived. WTF! Reinforcements? I understand later this fella is their insurance guy. Well, OK then. But by now, I was pretty insistent to get to the police station. Hello? What if the entire kampung came? We're 3 ladies by the roadside ler. Safety first. Paranoia evaluation later.

6. We at last started driving to the police station. Seksyen 11 Shah Alam.

(Accident happened at 6.45pm. Police report was logged in at 7.50pm ~ that was how long it took to get to the police station.)

Tup. Tap. Tup. Tap. Everything was over and done with by 10pm. Of course by now I have flied the kite with my night's session with friends, and Mel missed the housewarming.

I noticed Cappy was looking more and more resigned as the night wears off. More and more subdued. When I told Jenuka-ka about the ealier jibe, she couldn't believed, coz he looked so demure? Probably playing the sympathy card with the Sarjan but up to this point, I couldn't care less.

After the police station ordeal was over, we all (except for Cappy, Thumbs and Lappie) at last went for dinner. Thev-aneh said, "Let's celebrate!".

Har-har. Farney.

Well, probably by now many will have the impression of how huge the damage was. Let's have a look, shall we?

My car.

Hey! The head lamp's still intact! OK what!

The other car.

Ouch! Have to change the RIMS leh. Demmit!

It doesn't take a genius to guess who kena saman la. I even knew it myself, and I am no genius. Of course it was me ler. Coz my front hit his back mah.

Well, whatever. I didn't care much. I was expecting it though. Common knowledge that even if you're humane-ly not in the wrong, the rules say back hit front, back is wrong. I just wanted the Cappy to go to the station. Hell, I'm a woman. Never heard to not 'tak-chui' a woman?

Whoever reading this may have different opinions on how I should have handled the situation. Probably some will say I'm dumb for losing my NCB over this small matter. To me, it was not much about losing the NCB. First, I decided to go to the station coz I was concerned about the safety of my family and myself, in any case things should go out of hand. Second, Cappy pissed me off. Third, Cappy raised his voice to me and my mum. How could I be well-assured he did not call the entire army to be there (seeing that one man fella at a time came?), or even start a fist fight with us? I cannot predict any of this things from not happening. Better safe than sorry huh?

So today, will have to go to the police station to buy my copy of the report, plead for a lower saman, pay the saman, call my insurance guy, and I hope all this be settled speedily.

What a start to my New Year. And did I hear someone mention that this is a good year for Goats? Hogwash!

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