What a Monday morning!

January 07, 2008

It's only 11am Monday morning and my blood temperature is about to boil!

1. Someone requested for tickets. I could say that she kind of 'demanded" it! Then told me when I have them to pass it to her brother in law. Mind you, if she sounded nice and less demanding, I would have happily reserve some from her. This sounded like she was some kind of Manager and it was ok to order me around! WTF! Ya' think she will get it?

2. No outstation till ALL work in the office is done! WTF! I cannot handle every fooking thing!

3. Lizards are contacting me directly! WTF! Go through you proper drains or wherever you crawl in!

So peeps, if now I sound abrupt and pissy and rude... you know why.

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