Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Happy New Year 2008!

I know, I know. I wished late. Been too wasted and lazy to update the blog recently.

Anyway, it's still January 2008 so technically it's not too late yet to wish everyone a very very very Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2007! Welcome 2008!

How did you spend your spanking new year? Me? I spent it with a couple of friends at the Subang Sheraton Hotel. We shared and got a super cool room on the 11th floor overlooking faraway KL , PJ and also Sunway, which means at the stroke of midnight, we enjoyed fireworks displays from (not entirely sure if it's accurate, but I would like to think so!) - KLCC, Bukit Bintang, The Curve, Mid Valley (it was beautiful!), and of course Sunway Lagoon! There were several more locations we could not pin point but it was a span from our left to right window, all fireworks displays! Ultra cool and we'll just do that again for the next New Year's eve!

I almost missed the fireworks display as I was stuck in a traffic jam mere minutes from the hotel! Started off at Jessica's for a quaint BBQ dinner she organised for her family.

Left her place at USJ 1 at about 11.15pm. Passed the Kesas/Summit traffic light at 11.40pm! Thought to myself... "I'm gonna be stuck here till next year!". I was thinking that it was the normal new year's eve traffic jam caused by all the people who are not home. Soon realised it's not just because of people on the road, but apparently the police had such good timing to start a road block minutes before midnight! People are not even driving drunk yet! The drunk ones would probably at that very moment getting wasted at their new year eve's hangout, getting even drunker and drunker by the minute! Anyway, after passing the 4 lane to 1 lane 'sentry gate', it was already 11.45pm! I made it to the hotel car park at 11.52pm (which shows how good traffic was actually, if not for the road block), rushed up to the room and made it JUST in time! Phew!

Anyway, some photos of the night.

Look at our HAPPY faces! Hehe...

More photos here.

End of New Year celebration report.

Backtrack in December 2007, so many things was happening at almost the same time that I have no time to breathe, let alone update this blog. Reny dropped me a note on New Year's eve asking for an update... so here it is!

My Manila Trip
For you who didn't know or did not realise I was missing, or probably didn't even bother, I was away at Manila for almost a week. It was a very hectic and tiring trip. Felt like I needed another holiday to recover from this holiday. Stayed at my aunt's place, was driven around for shopping and some sightseeing. Then shopping some more. Oh don't forget eating. And more shopping and eating. I literally felt like a PIG the whole time I was there.

Collage of some mouse-picked photos below.

For the entire album (well, almost...) view it here, here and here.

Temple Wedding Ceremony of Thevindran & Jenuka.
Came back on the 15th, so that I can attend my cousin brother's wedding on the 16th December 2007. It was the very first full (almost) Indian temple ceremony family wedding so of course, just had to be there. I was the unofficial but official photographer anyway.

Check out the mouse-picked collage photos below.

To view all 381 out of the 500+ photos I took, view it here.

Wedding Dinner of Thevindran & Jenuka
Both being Chin-dians (Chinese-Indian), naturally a wedding dinner will follow through. This they did only on the 20th December 2007 night, and most of our relatives from both sides of the family, were there to celebrate! Even the Aussie and Singapore family members were here!

Highlight of the dinner was of course the ah-kua show the entrance of the bride and groom to the ballroom. There were performances, games and of course the usual yumseng session. The bride and groom did not go table to table so we all end up waiting till we almost left to say goodbye to give three very very very loud yumseng cheers to the newly weds. Fun eh? If you want to view more photos, click here.

After dinner, we all adjourned to my place for some karaoke and drinking. Photos here.

Genting Highlands
My Australia cousins have not been to Genting Highlands before so since Uncle Sai Hong and Aunty Jillian is making a trip there, so did we. Managed to book 2 rooms at the First World Hotel, one for the ladies and one for the guys. I was a good girl. Did not play any slut slot machines! Yay! Spent my money on my sister and cousins though (and myself of course), and it was very much worth it.

Everyone was in the Christmas spirit so we decided to join in the jolly good fun and wear Santa hats and reindeer antlers on our heads too!

More photos here.

Very busy with loads of things in the office, so don't expect the next update so soon.

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