Monday, 3 December 2007

Weddings and Cameras

Attended a very good friend's wedding last Saturday. I know both the the bride and groom, as they were my uni classmates. So, the dinner was held at the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort. Photos? Got some but none of me and the couple. Will have to wait for KC and Althea to e-mail me some of the shots taken by professionals they hired.

We were seated at table 16.

Very nice purple menu. And look at the pretty cupcakes, all tied up in pink.

Wedding favors. Cupcakes from the couple and chocolates by the restaurant.

Mum and Melissa was also invited. So we were of course sitting at the same table.

Camwhoring with Melissa. We were waiting for an hour half before dinner started.

Guess who was sitting at the same table as we were?

Siew Ming la of course. KC's heng tai's were all at a different table. Let's see. There was Boon Leng & girlfriend, Chang Seng & wife, Mani, Soon Yien, and Suresh. It has been AGES since I saw them.

Anyways, because of the lack of a proper hassle-free camera, most of the photos were taken with my baby dopody, which somehow won't produce nice clear photos. Which is why I will be getting this sometime this week!

To be used for my Manila trip coming up next week! Woohoo! I'm going for a long and overdue holiday! Yay!

And I will be the one of the official temple wedding photographer for me cousin when I get back. All the more reason to get another camera. Hmmm... wonder if I can get sponsorship for this? Hehehe...


She Ling said...

hey, when are you going to Manila, for how long? work related? that is nice, enjoy yourself there and take more photos. Anyway, i m going back sometime this month too, will give you a call, and we should meet up for a drink ok :D cheers

michelleho said...

Nah. Personal holiday trip with mum and sis. It's been long overdue, with me having to cancel my almost holiday at Pulau Perhentian in August. Will leave on the 9th and return on the 15th December 2007. So I guess still can be back in time to meet you lah. When are you coming and going?

Ms.Reny said...

Michelle...i know you are busy but xpecting more entry from u ;)
Happy New Year!

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