Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Long Holiday...

My Hari Raya holidays officially started on the 11th October 2007, and we will only return to the office on the 22nd October 2007 ~ which means I have 11 DAYS OFF!!!

So how did I spend my week?

Firstly, my family and I drove up to Penang to visit my 4th Grand Aunt. Without any dogs traveling with us, this time. Too much of a hassle. Anyways, as you can see, we got kind of chirpy during our journey. So, what did we do, we started taking photos... of ourselves! Hahaha...

Photos taken overexposed for bee-you-tee-fool effect. IMHO, it worked!

What did we do in Penang? What else ler... Besides visiting my Grand Aunt, Penang = eat and shop! That night Uncle and Aunty took us to an Indian restaurant just about 10 minutes drive from their place. Food was not bad.

Next day, has lunch at the Tanjung Bungah Club with Aunty Pat and Grand Aunt. Yummy!

After lunch, Gurney Plaza for some shopping. Bombed me-self with 3 bags! Actually was planning to get 2, but after some hesitation on my part, the 70% on offer last piece bag was sold mere minutes when I have decided to get it!!! So had to console myself with another 2 bags!

That night, of course HAVE to just go to the Feringghi Night Market for some shopping. Dee-vee-dees here are plentiful cheap. A.O.D? Nahhh... Also bugged BossS through PacMee; beating his record of 30 pieces! Hehehe... I got 44! Also spent on lanterns and knick-knacks for friends back home.

Left Penang on the first day of Hari Raya... Overall level of stay satisfaction... GREAT!!!

On the way dropped by at Aunty Teja's place at Bukit Merah for a visit and stopover. Tapau-ed asam laksa and curry laksa for them (it is NEVER complete without asam laksa if we go to Penang!). After the stop, headed down to Teluk Intan for the remainder of the weekend, and to celebrate Hari Raya with my relatives there, and also to visit my Grandma (mum's mum).

This is me cousin. I was there bugging him. Hehehe... He always get bullied by me (hihihi)...

He's touching his tummy which means he's hungry. He's always hungry... Hihihi...

Anyways, this is how MUCH I have driven over the weekend!

884KM! Can travel from Singapore to Perlis! Darn!

The next day, a good friend Diana from Singapore came to stay with us for several days before attending a Sunday night wedding dinner. So we took her round for window shopping and food.

First we went to Sakae Sushi.

The next day, lunch was at Vege Green (a vegetarian shop in a corner in Curve)... icky mushy green stuff!

The Mixed Fruit Tea is nice though... I am not a vegetarian fan, so this will be the only special time I will be having meals there (unless Diana comes down again - hehehe...).

Then after that went round walking between Ikano and Curve.

This is Diana with her all-time favourite Doraemon! Hehehe...

That night dinner was at Absolutely Thai, Sunway Pyramid with our old uni-gang; Althea & KC, Siew Ming, Jess & KW, and me. Was too hungry to snap any photos. And was too busy catching up with old news and gossip to bother whipping out me baby dopody for some photo ops.

Thought that could take her to Marche for dinner the next day but sudden change of plans, Diana followed her family, who are down here from Kuching, to Ipoh. So the rest of eating and shopping plans were Poof! Anyways... nevermind-lah...

We took Uncle Sai Yoke who was down for a day to Marche instead. And the next day to Sakae Sushi for lunch, coz I know he loves Japanese food (especially raw ones...)... before taking him to Hentian Duta to catch his bus back to Teluk Intan.

From then till now... I'm resting...

It has been a hectic week!

And there goes my week long holiday!

Oh and before I finish this entry, sigh... my car back passenger window got hit by a stone (or stones) when one of the grass cutters were around yesterday. SMASH!!!

Or I so thought it was the grass cutters. But nevertheless, need to fix it and spend some moolah to get it fixed.


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