Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Smaklig Maltid! Swedish for enjoy your meal.

said IKEA.

Let's see if this is true.

Google-d for an online translation site.

No direct translation (not very successful with the translation engine)... but I guess that it's the general word.

Actually this issue was highlighted by a friend of my sister while we were having dinner together at the IKEA cafe (sob*sob ~ no more yummy meatball servings!). The HUGE words were on the wall and he mentioned that for them to put it up so humongous, it should be true, and whether if anyone (in Malaysia, that is) has ever bothered to check. Hehehe... So here it is. Yes, I believe the word "Smaklig Maltid" does translate to "Enjoy Your Meal".

Next topic.

Posting up photos of my two pets. See how photogedik they are?

But Nikki was a bit shy-shy.

Bobbi was trying to look cute... and succeeded!

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